Clinical Protocol Computerization: The Saena Project

Saena aims at the computerization of clinical guidelines in mechanical ventilation. The application field is supported and automated control of health care therapy delivered to critical ill patients hospitalized in intensive care units. Saena is an extension of the seminal NéoGanesh project , dedicated to the automation of clinical guidelines for pressure support ventilation, and its industrial version SmartCare from Dräger Medical (SmartCare/PS and details in → Mersmann and Dojat ECAI 2004 paper ). Several scientific publications demonstrate its therapeutic interest and benefit (see Publications section).

Based on a strong link with experts in intensive care and control assisted ventilation, the main Saena goals are:

  1. determination of events linked to specific situations, such as hyperventilation, hypoventilation, apnea or asynchronies (data mining).
  2. specification of clinical guidelines for the management of specific situations (medical expertise, signals, manoeuvers, ...).
  3. automatic detection of the relevant events.
  4. informatisation of the clinical guidelines and definition of design patterns specific of ventilation monitoring.
  5. implementation of clinical guidelines using the SmartCare platform.
  6. clinical evalutation of the prototype.
  7. tools to facilitate the modification of clinical guidelines.
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