Clinical Protocol Computerization: The Saena Project


Terms, acronyms, definitions and abbreviations used within the Saena project

  • Clinical Guideline Engine: A methodology and computer application that allows the universal, automated execution of any appropriate Clinical Guideline/Protocol.
  • Decision Support: Operation mode of the clinical guideline engine, where results of the classification process are just visually presented to the user, i.e. no control of the Host Device takes place. Also known as open-loop mode.
  • Automatic Control: Operation mode of the clinical guideline engine, where results of the classification process are passed over to the Host Device what might lead to a modification of settings, i.e. automated control takes place. Also known as closed-loop mode.
  • Domain: Subject specific area of application for which an expert system is or was developed, e.g. weaning from mechanical ventilation, configuration of computers, diagnoses of vehicle malfunction, a clinical guideline etc.
  • Patient Session: A continuously applied Clinical Guideline for a well-declared patient controlled by a SmartCare system. Starting with the very first classification and ending with a certain user action via HI that terminates the process of consecutive classifications.
  • Application Session: The period from starting the SmartCare system until terminating it. An application session might comprise null or more patient sessions.
  • Automedon: a research platform provided by Dräger Medical to support the development of knowledge based systems for clinical applications.
  • Automedon+: the successor of Automedon being migrated to a technology that is up to date and that enables consistent research development activities.
  • XPS = Expert System
  • XDK = Expert System Development Kit
  • KBS = Knowledge Based System
  • UMLS = Unified Medical Language System
  • SNOMED-CT = Semantic Notation in Medicine – Clinical Terms
  • CAKE = Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering
  • CKEW = Clinical Knowledge Engineering Workbench
  • DSS = Decision Support System
  • PSJ = Patient Session Journal
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